Thursday, January 3, 2013

christmas 2012

this past christmas was one for the record books.
full of family.
spoiled by gifts.
brightened by the pure joy of our baby boy.
lots of snow.
lots of traveling.
all a reminder of the joy another baby boy brought to the world thousands of years ago.

we started the festivities with bingo night at the chelser's.
cal had a great time playing with grace, and wanted her play-doh set more than the awesome train set he was given.
 that night we did our scott family games and devotional,
and had a fun sleepover.
christmas morning was a blast with the boys. 
see some videos here.
then we headed to the asay's for yummy waffles and presents.
before long, it was nap time for everyone..

we spent the rest of our vacation spending time with family,
scott cousin christmas party-ing,
playing canasta,
eating yummies,
provo beach resort-ing,
and trying to get sleep and laundry done in-between.

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Kendra Anderson said...

You guys do such fun stuff! Sounds like blast. Glad you had s great Christmas!