Monday, December 10, 2012


making ginger snaps
125 days till d-day.
less than 18 weeks.
this pregnancy has been zooming by.
baby port is almost a foot long now, and weighs over a pound.
and i am pretty sure that pound of cute baby flesh is taking over my stomach space because i get full really fast, and hungry again even faster.
i heard somewhere that the more sweets you crave during pregnancy, the sweeter your baby will be. 
well he is definitely going to be the sweetest thing around.
i think he is already getting used to being wrestled by cal, because c is oblivious to momma's growing belly and the extra space it needs.
i am having a hard time staying off my back while sleeping (in our glorious new bed, i might add), but i am still sleeping pretty well.
the worst part of my night is waking up around 5 am with a full bladder and a growling tummy.
it is so hard to get out of my comfortable warm bed.
before the quilt came.
moving on to the bed.
josh and i went out on black friday and got ourselves a new bedroom set.
merry christmas to us!
i don't think either of us had slept well for months prior.
we love the new furniture and feel grown up living in a fancy room,
not to mention, the mattress is so comfy, and there is plenty of room.
pure. heaven.
we found a great deal on a gorgeous quilt, and now are on the hunt for the perfect pillows and curtains.

mr. calvin joshua is still mesmerized by basketballs, and recently chose to watch a michael jordan documentary over lightening mcqueen in cars.
he has also started playing 'pretend' more - 
sharing his binky or crackers with stuffed animals, and making eating noises for them,
flying his airplanes, or 'vrooming' his cars.
he also learned how to say cheese when i take his picture:
yummy pomegranate smoothie monster

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Kendra Anderson said...

Just the cutest . I'm so jealous of your awesome new bed. Lucky ducks. :) we all know your baby Will be the sweetest no matter what you eat. Ha ha.