Tuesday, January 22, 2013

28 weeks

{january 22}
a bump update:
this could have possibly been the 75th picture taken of me in attempt to document the growing bump.
the previous ones were discarded due to polygamist looking hair, bad lighting, poor iphone quality, and let's be honest.. pale white skin and an extra 10 lbs doesn't do anyone any favors.
so it is what it is...

well today started bright and early at 6:25 after cal had been calling out, 'maamaa... dadaa!' for a while.
we went downstairs where he drank his bottle while we cuddled on the couch.
i fell back to sleep and cal watched pbs.
as some point, cal woke me up asking to play basketball.
i set up his hoop, and started making josh's lunch for the day.
c asked for cereal.. we ate and i followed my cheerios with this lovely concoction:
family scriptures and prayer...
'buh bye daadaa' and i love yous...
rush to get ready and out the door.

sarah was fantastic and watched cal.
 i tried not to barf as i drove to my appointment.
i managed to not pass out during the blood draw.
bp 110/55. weight 128. belly at 28 cm.
as of right now baby boy is breech with his bum down and head and feet up.

i went in with lots of questions about the delivery..
and got a lot of vague - every delivery is different / it's really hard to know answers.

i'm already getting so anxious about d-day.
i've always been the kind of person who reads the end of a book first.
i just like knowing what to expect. and that really is impossible when it comes to delivering a baby.

anyways.. i just need to chill out.

other happenings of the day:
lunch with chelsea!
cal throwing a tub of sour cream out of my grocery cart and it splattering everywhere.
homemade hawaiian pizza.
and my first pack meeting as an official scout leader:
not really the most proper way to wear the uniform, but at least i tried.


alyse said...

hahahaha that picture of you in the uniform is the best! you look great, though, really.

Scott and Whitney said...

You look so great! I love the updates! That scout uniform pictures is seriously hilarious!!!

C and K said...

The bump has officially appeared! so cute! Don't worry about D Day, everything will work out! I had C give me a blessing about a month before and it calmed any nerves I had. Miss you guys and your hair is so long!