Monday, January 28, 2013

jumping on the bed & fhe gameplan

this morning cal jumped on the bed and i folded laundry.
while we had a great weekend (more to come later),
i've started to love mondays because it is a day to get back on routine, and get things done.
i've loved following sharsti's new blog:
one of the things i especially love are her weekly goals, and the way she follows up on them.

one of my 2013 goals deals with FHE, and how i want to have more planned/thoughtful lessons.

i have learned that the natural me is a spur-of-the-moment, unorganized, flexible, last-minute person.
i have also learned that this trait can be both good and bad.
in order to be successful at family nights, i needed an in-depth plan with specific tasks.

so here's my game plan:

1st monday: personal and family inventory after c goes to bed
  kind of boring, but it is a time set aside for us to evaluate how we are doing. 
our personal inventory is a list of questions that we answer in our journals 
 (how are personal scripture/prayer? can you feel the spirit daily? why or why not? what do you feel you need to improve on? etc.) 
our couple inventory is also a list of questions but we discuss them with each other.
(questions about our jobs - being a homemaker/wife/mother is definitely a job-, finances, any concerns? are you feeling loved and supported? etc.)
 and if we don't have much to discuss, we can cuddle and talk about whatever, or we can just make out (sorry, probably tmi, but it's the truth)

2nd monday: gospel basics
 j or i will prepare a lesson about a predetermined gospel topic.
febuary's is on agency.
march = the atonement.
we will start with a quick simple version involving calvin, then let him go play while we have a more in depth lesson involving scriptures, conference talks, preach my gospel, and other manuals.

3rd monday: family outing
some of our ideas are bowling, bean museum, provo beach resort, smores up the canyon, 
picnic at the park...
we are hoping to invite other families to join us on these adventures.
who's in?

4th monday: strengthening marriage/family
 these lessons will be more relationship based.
topics like forgiveness, sharing, honesty, or kindness. 
writing letters to uncles on missions or (great)grandparents. 
serving someone in the family.
reading from parenting / marriage books.
the lessons will come from conference talks, or manuals about marriage and family.
(j & i both took the same marriage prep class at byu and kept most of the materials.. we plan on using those things too.)

if there's a 5th monday, we will figure out something fun to do.

each fhe will have the following agenda:
opening song / prayer
we will read our family mission statement:
--> We, the Asay family, envision ourselves in the presence of Heavenly Father and the Savior with clean hands and pure hearts, able to enter His presence worthily along with our extended family and others we love. 
 we will read our family scripture:
yet to be determined.
have cal's lesson (2-3 mins).
our lesson (10-15 mins).
closing song/prayer.
short activity.

i know calvin is still young, and having family nights may seen pointless, 
but i think it is important to establish consistency now, before things are too crazy.
plus, after being in nursery, and seeing how much those little ones can learn if you try, i think it's a great time to start having lessons with him.

i love this talk by elder bednar: 

i think it will be my mantra for the year.


Josh&Sharsti said...

Ah I have chills. I love your ideas and I'm stealing them haha. And thanks for the shout out:)

Rach said...

Your blog is just so cute - and full of great ideas! I think we might have to use some of these to make our FHE's more organized and meaningful :)