Monday, January 21, 2013

resolutions, busy day, buzz cut

{january 21}

well, we are 3 weeks into the new year.. 
and i am finally starting to work on my new year's resolutions.
this winter has been so awfully cold, and everyone is sick.
i'm so glad cal and i got our flu shots, because luckily we haven't been hit with the bad flus that are going around..
but we all recently had colds.
josh and cal got sick and were over it within a day or two..
but it's been 2 weeks, and i am still coughing.

getting a bad cold when you are 7 months pregnant is a cruel joke.
i can't tell you how many times i peed my pants while coughing,
or felt like i was going to cough the baby out.
anyways, i am happy i survived and can finally get going on the new year.

i've made lots of resolutions for this coming year.
here are a few:
eat healthier - more fruits and veggies. less empty snacks (esp for cal)
be more organized - plan out my weeks. set goals. use to do lists.
decorate - the family room, and our bedroom specifically.
better fhe - plan it more than 5 minutes beforehand.
run another half marathon this fall - i'm thinking the big cottonwood canyon one?
and to...
be more real on the blog - while i love looking back at the bazillion photos and updates of my babes, i also want to remember what my real everyday life was like.
most likely, it will still involve lots of calvin and of course baby dos, but i want it to be more.

so here's to it!

today was a really busy, productive day.
it started off a little slow, when it was 0 degrees outside, and my baby wanted to cuddle.
we watched some curious george and read some books.
we cleaned a little, got dressed and headed out to run our errands.
c was a champ during our marathon of shopping trips:
carter's for winter clothes for next year - check
aldo for new boots (my anniversary gift from may) - check
gap 40% off their sale stuff - check (but no luck)
motherhood for motherhood stuff - check
and a few other stops along the way.
we shared a hot dog on a stick and headed home.
c only napped in the car for about 30 mins, 
making for a rather grouchy kid come this evening. 

i tried to cut his hair yesterday, and he ended up with a buzz:
which was way better than before:
 one of these days, i am going to figure out this whole hair-cutting thing.


Elleny said...

Hahaha, his long hair! That is too awesome.

Kendra Anderson said...

You are a champ! Super mom!