Friday, January 11, 2013

18 months

on january 4, calvin turned 18 months.
we celebrated with some yummy pancakes and let c blow out a candle - a current fav activity of his.
at 18 months:
weight 22 lbs 6 oz - 25%
height 32 inches - 30%

we also had his cardiology follow up where his ekg and chest x-ray came back normal.
they still think it is a vsd, but want to wait until he is bigger to sedate him for an echo.

he went to his first day of nursery on sunday!
not going to lie, i was pretty gitty walking into sunday school without him. 
he marched right in there and jumped on the slide.
josh stayed with him for a little while, and we both spied on him numerous times.
lil man kicking his legs as he sat on his chair during singing time...
the best was watching him take the cup of water during snack time and dump it right in his lap... he's never used a real cup by himself before.
he let out a nice ah-oh. 
as the leader went to get some paper towels, my cover outside the door was blown.
'muhmaa!' as his waved.
i went in and helped dry him off. he gave me a little hug and gabbered about something.
i gave him a kiss, thanked him for being good and said bye bye.
the last look i saw was a giant pout, as i shut the door.
i stood outside for a second, and didn't hear him cry, so i headed into rs.
anyways, it was a fun day.
i hope he continues to do this well in nursery.

latest words:
ah-oh, cowww (cal spoken in a whisper), hi, buh bye, popo (grandpa), hot, brrr (cold), cheese, juice, geege (george)

latest signs:
please- as he says peese
sad- whenever he hears another baby/kid cry he goes 'ah-oh' and signs sad

he is very much obsessed with his dadah right now.
asks for him all day, follows him around everywhere. loves to wrestle and play with him.
he has started calling out 'dadah!' every morning when he wakes up instead of crying.

he has fallen in love with a certain curious george - 
and mom doesn't mind the free 12 min episodes on the pbs kids ap.. 
its the perfect amount of time for me to get ready, or pack up the diaper bag/car, or chop up things for dinner.

he loves to dance around kicking his little leggies and clapping his hands:

he is becoming more and more attached to his binkies and babas.
i'm dreading the day i have to take them away.. not sure the best way to do it, but i know i need to soon.

have we mentioned that this boy loves basketball?
getting him a hoop for christmas was the best decision ever.
he plays with it all day long.
not sure how he learned it, but he has great form too.
after he makes a basket, he gets the cutest expression on his face:
you can tell he's proud of himself, but a little reserved about showing it.
(o and that carpet burn above his lip? from his fall down the stairs - seriously so sad!)

recently, josh taught him how to shoot from on top of the ottoman.

he will take every ball he owns and line them up on the ottoman, climb up and shoot them.
then he politely asks whines while saying please until we gather up his balls and give them back to him.

he had one bad night the week before christmas.
when i checked on him before i went to sleep, i smelt this awful stench!
he had thrown up all over the place and was laying in it groaning.
i called for josh and grabbed my baby.
he clung to me quietly, as i took him into the bathroom to get him cleaned up.
he then threw up down my arms and into the tub.
i couldn't help but cry as my baby kept looking at me with tear-filled eyes and a pouty lip in between gags and chokes.
that is the worst feeling, and i was so sad for him.
hours and laundry loads later, he finally fell asleep and rested well the rest of the night.
he woke up happy and seemed to feel fine the next day.
i was so grateful to have josh's help that night.
he was so good to jump in and change sheets, or rock/read to cal.
 i've got myself a great man...
 and the sweetest baby.
i'd be fine if he stays 18 months forever.

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Lizette Pope said...

Calvin is so cute! I can't believe how big he is already. I just saw Sharsti and Jackson yesterday and Jackson is getting so big too. Also, you're such a cute preggo lady. Congrats again!