Thursday, January 31, 2013

goodbye january

reading goodnight moon is a part of our bedtime routine with mr cal baby. 
we often prelude the book by saying goodnight to everything as we carry him to his room.
night night basketballs.
night night kitchen.
night night shoes...
rocking horse...
then we start into the book with the great green room, telephone, and red balloon.

well today i am happy to say goodbye to january.
goodbye weeks of sickness.
goodbye days of negative degree temperatures.
goodbye freezing rain.
goodbye weeks 25-29 of pregnancy.
goodbye 4:30 sunsets.
goodbye to staying inside all day.
goodbye nasty inversion.
goodbye to days without sunshine.
goodbye to snowstorms on snowstorms on snowstorms.
goodbye high gas bills.
goodbye ice rink in my front entry.
goodbye. goodbye. goodbye.

i've always hated january - it's a long month of blah.
no fun holidays.
no nice weather.
no money because of christmas spending.

anyways, today the sky is blue and the sun is out.
it sounds like it's raining from the melting snow.
the forecast is looking up and so are my spirits.