Saturday, December 29, 2012

25 weeks

well, tomorrow i will be 25 weeks.
i have had the hardest time getting around to documenting this growing belly.

i knew the holidays were going to make time fly, and it feels like our 20 week ultrasound was only a few days ago.

i remember thinking that when calvin starts going to nursery on sundays, i will only have a few months of baby freedom to enjoy the lessons..
well, c goes into nursery next week and in 3 months this little man will be here - hopefully snoozing through relief society, so i can continue to enjoy my sundays.
(p.s. i was released from nursery and am now a cub scout den leader)

i had my 24 week apt the day after christmas.
everything looked great.
he was kicking around while my midwife was finding his heartbeat.
155 bpm.
we went over the ultrasound notes and she confirmed that everything's perfect.
i weighed in at 124 lbs - up 6 lbs from pre-pregnancy.
blood pressure 104/60
baby bump was right at 24 cm.
 they sent me home with a lovely bottle of orange snow cone syrup to drink before my next visit. barf.

as d-day gets closer, i have a lot more questions than i ever did with calvin,
but i drew a blank when she asked me if i had any questions.
i went into c's delivery very open minded, and while it was a good experience, i think i learned a lot about what i don't want to happen this time around (TMI warning):
 - getting pumped full of iv fluids that i was so swollen and achy for days 
(also, making me look like a marshmallow woman for all those 'first' pictures)
- not knowing breathing techniques or pressure points to help with pain
- an epidural that worked too well - i could not feel a thing, making pushing difficult
- pushing within minutes of 'becoming a 10' (i want to be able to rest and descend more)
 - pushing to the point of exhaustion (2.5 + hours) that i couldn't enjoy my brand new baby
- tearing + episiotomy + more tearing

anyways, i need to bring these up before too long, and hopefully find better alternatives.

i am pretty positive i will get an epidural again with this delivery, just to see how much 'easier' this delivery goes. 
supposedly, each one gets faster, and somewhat easier.
with that in mind.. i am aiming for a natural birth for baby tres.. whenever that is.

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Kendra Anderson said...

You look incredible and so happy. That's awesome. Seems like you guys are pretty set with everything and this baby coming. You guys are great parents and these babies are so lucky